You are part of the eco-elite.

We create the right conditions.

We know we bear great responsibility for how the world around us looks. Here at Borås Energi och Miljö we are already putting into practice what the EU calls “the sustainable society".

What we already do
Borås households sort their waste into black and white bags. The white bags contain combustible waste and are used for producing district heating. The content of the black bags — food waste — is used to produce biogas in our biogas plant at Sobacken.
Not too long ago coal and oil was used for almost all energy production in Sweden, but here in Borås we converted our Ryaverket plant to biofuel way back in 1984. This allowed us to remove coal from energy production. In 1994 we made a further investment in the environment when fossil fuels were almost entirely replaced by biofuels. In 2005 we put a plant into operation that uses combustible waste as a fuel thus reducing our use of fossil fuel further still.

What we aim to do
We can of course be even better, which is why we are working together with both colleges and businesses to advance our operations. We are looking at alternative ways to extract energy and we are measuring our performance in relation to others. There are many good examples of how companies that use district heating and cooling have reduced their energy consumption.
We´re making progress!

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