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Waste collection fee

The waste collection fee for detached houses, terraced houses, link houses and semi-detached houses is divided into a fixed charge and a flexible charge. The fixed charge covers the collection of black and white bags from your property, the delivery of waste to our recycling centres including dangerous waste handling, and the provision of black and white rubbish bags. The flexible charge depends on the volume of your bin for black and white bags.

New bags

You can get new bags by tying a bag of the type you require to the handle on your waste bin on collection day.

Prices and container sizes

Fees for waste collection are determined by the municipal council. The price for the fixed part of the waste collection fee is SEK 1,368 per year for 2010. The list below shows what you will have to pay depending on the size of your waste bin.
Fixed fee +130 litrebin = SEK 2,331 per year Fixed fee +190 litrebin = SEK 2,502 per year Fixed fee +240 litrebin = SEK 2,626 per year Fixed fee +370 litrebin = SEK 3,006 per year   The prices apply to fortnightly collections and are inclusive of VAT. No bin delivery fee is charged when changing to a larger bin. A delivery fee of SEK 200 incl. VAT is charged when changing to a smaller bin.

Bin placement

Your waste bin must be placed on the outside of any hedge, gate or fence on collection day. It must be easily accessible and turned so that its handle faces out. The bin must not be stood on anything that will require the bin to be lifted. In winter the lid and handle must be snow and ice free. Grit for counteracting slipperiness is available free of charge at our recycling centres during the winter six months.
The bin can be collected from, and returned to, your garden for an additional fee. In rural areas the bin may be placed up to ten metres inside the house grounds without an additional fee.

For information regarding collection from house grounds please contact the customer centre.

Visit: Västerlånggatan 10 (office) Sobacken RV 41 (waste treatment plant, office) | Address: Box 1713, 501 17 Borås | Invoice address: Box 902, 501 10 Borås
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