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Field trips

If you would like to know more about our operations, you are welcome to visit us. You can make field trips to our waste facility at Sobacken and our incineration plant at Ryaverket.
We cater for groups of between 10 and 20 people. Please contact our customer centre for more information.
Our most common field trip set-up looks at waste sorting and how we take care of waste from Borås at Sobacken. We start off with a lecture in the conference room and then take a tour around the area to see biogas fuelling, the intermediate storage of dangerous waste and the sorting facility where black and white bags are separated.
We welcome visitors six years old and older at Sobacken.
Ryaverket plant
We start field trips to the Ryaverket plant with a lecture about the operation before making our way out to the plant. We usually show the handling of waste as fuel, biofuel handling, the boiler house and the turbine hall (cellar). We finish off the visit in the control room where operations at the Ryaverket plant and our hydroelectric stations are monitored.

We welcome visitors 15 years old and older at Ryaverket.
We host in-depth field trips at both Sobacken and Ryaverket for visitors with specialist interests in the subjects.

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